The Birth of Isabetta



When you see your name in print…

Posted by Isabetta on February 25, 2011

A while back I read Susan Dunant’s book “Sacred Hearts” after debating picking it up for a long, long time. I had read “The Birth of Venus” a few years ago and loved it. But I kept looking at “Sacred Hearts” and going “nunneries! pfft!” But eventually I picked it up. And it sucked me in. Pouring over it and not wanting to put it down, one late evening I was getting closer and closer to the end and pushed through the sleepiness.

Then, suddenly there was Isabetta. I flipped back a few pages and read carefully and yup… Isabetta!

It was the first (and only) time I’ve seen my SCA name outside of SCA circles or historic documents. Made me wonder how often persons are reading along in a book and suddenly their SCA name shows up. Some names are still in common usage. Even His Majesty, Bryan of Sacred Stone, has a name that has survived time. But some of us pick names that aren’t commonly seen around these days. I daresay that if Duke Cuán stumbles across his name, it’s a rare occurrence.

Makes me wonder – why do some people pick antique names and others contemporary ones? Maybe folks will be kind enough to share.

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